Friday, October 3, 2008

Victor M. Cortes (Tour Continued)

Victor M. Cortes attended the lunch and when Lupe Lozano invited him to speak, he declined and replied that she already said what was important. He wrote a book called 10 de Marzo, La Marcha about the March 10, 2006 demonstrations about immigration which took place in Chicago and in cities across the United States. According to his press release, his book discusses events leading up to the demonstration, with a focus on Chicago. He wrote it from the perspective of an immigrant and through the eyes of other immigrants in the form of a novel meant to be more accessible by more people compared to an academic book. He held a book signing following the talks.


Cortes, Victor M. (n.d.) 10 de Marzo La Marcha: Chicago, 2006. Press release.

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