Saturday, October 11, 2008

I-CARD 2008 ILA Conference

Thank you to everyone who attended the I-CARD sponsored activities at the 2008 ILA Conference at Navy Pier in Chicago! A special thanks goes to Barbara Ford of the the Mortenson Center at the University of Illinois for coordinating the 2008 Associates, our very enthusiastic international guests!

Thanks goes to the I-CARD Committee members and our past members who continue to help out:

Barbara Andrianopoli
Vandella Brown
Melody Coleman
Terry Cottrell
Betty Cress
Veyshon Edmond, Intern
Emily Guss, Board Liason
Sharon Highler
Mary Medjo Me Zenque
Lori Mestre
Stephanie Owen
Mary Tuytschaevers
Roberta Webb

These folks put up with my e-mail messages, which often have subject lines such as "Long E-mail" and "Crazy Idea" all year long to pull this conference off. They are brave enough to read those messages! --Kay Shelton, Chair

See you next year in Peoria, and maybe sooner elsewhere!

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