Saturday, October 11, 2008

DiversiTea! Tracy Worth

Thanks to the ILA for granting permission for the use of their photo of Tracy Worth.

Professional recording artist Tracy Worth dedicated the song “Wind Beneath My Wings” from the Bette Midler movie Beaches to the memory of Sylvia Murphy Williams. Natural light streamed in through the oversized windows during Worth's performance, bathing the radiant sound of her voice, warming the audience's senses and spirit.

Please visit Worth’s site at:
and do not miss her story of going blind in one eye at:

Tracy Worth is the professional name of Tracy Ducksworth, the Director of the Grande Prairie Public Library District that serves Hazel Crest and Country Club Hills, and a 2001 winner of the ALA's Spectrum Scholarship. For every purchase of her CD, "Don’t Let Heaven Pass You By,” she donates $5 to the Sylvia Murphy Williams Fund. You can find her CD on the online music ordering service CD Baby at:

[I can attest to the excellent, unique customer service provided by CD Baby. --Kay]

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