Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Woodson Regional Library (Tour Continued)

The Woodson Regional Library fortunately has a large auditorium. The audience listens to Director Michael Baker explain a little about the history of the library. The construction dates to 1975, before technology became more entrenched in libraries which resulted in some "interesting wiring" according to Director Baker. Woodson is a regional library while branch libraries are meant to serve neighborhoods. The Chicago Public Library system has more branch libraries than any other city. There are two libraries currently under construction and five more in the planning stage.

Director Baker described some of the services the library offers. There is a teacher in the library that is paid for by the Chicago Public Library's Foundation specifically to give kids help with their homework after school. There is a cybernavigator who helps people learn how to use the computers; her nickname is CyberDebbie. There are also basic Internet classes to give urban users some education on computers. When patrons make a reservation to use a computer, they can choose to use word processing or just the Internet.

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Kay Shelton said...

At the Woodson Regional Library, there is a special exhibit on Chester Commodore, a political cartoonist, whose papers are in the Vivian G. Harsh Collection.

We had the honor of meeting Michael Flug, and here is his article from the "Chicago Tribune" on Commodore: